I'm back to work!

2013-09-01 15:25:11 by fedebenarg

Well, in the last weeks, I had a lot of work from the school: exams, practical works, etc. But finally I'm (relatively) free to start working again in Call Incoming. There's a screenshot of my recently puchased Flash Pro CC as a proof of it. See you!
(Also, I need a background artist, if you're interested, PM me)

I'm back to work!

Bad Joke Week!

2013-04-09 18:20:58 by fedebenarg

Hi there! If you didn't realized it, I have a blog in Tumblr. Once a day, I publish a bad joke that I take from the Internet, as the Bad Joke of the Day (Mal Chiste del Día). So, I thought something: I can extend it for a Week, and publish a lot of BJotW's (MCdD) every day.
So, I thought another thing, and I finally toke this to Twitter. So, if you find a BJotW somewhere in Internet, share it with me via the #SemanadelMalChiste hashtag. I will publish the best of the day in my blog.
That the games begin!

A Movie!

2013-04-01 00:05:29 by fedebenarg

In the last weeks, I was posting in the social networks, that some big was coming today. And it's real. My "canceled" video 'Call Incoming' is coming back to life AS A MOVIE!!! I was talking with a film production company for a few months, and it's all agreed. I post the theatrical poster in tumblr (is too much large for this) as a proof of it
Tomorrow I will post a teaser. Stay tuned for news!
Theatrical Poster

Happy April Fools!

Good News Everyone!

2013-02-25 20:36:07 by fedebenarg

(The title sounds like Professor Farnsworth... Meh)
Avoid the Spikes 2 was just released for Newgrounds and YouTube, and it passed Judgement! Thanks to all!!
It took to me two months to animate and edit. I have to thank specially to LazyBucks for the music, and Newgrounds for help me to meet he. Thanks!!
See the first part here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJ5oEO1NTSQ


Good News Everyone!

Yesterday I published in my Facebook and Twitter pages, that the animation of my newest video, Avoid the Spikes 2, is finished; and it's right. I'm so happy of that, and I editing the video now, adding the sounds. Only I need now is the music. I published something in the Collabinator, saying that I need a musican for this Project, so, if you are a musican and you are interested in this Project, send me a PM.
Ok, it's all. Thanks to all of you!

Avoid the Spikes 2 is almost here


2013-02-05 17:42:38 by fedebenarg

It's my first day here, so... Hello to all! I'm Federico Bentos, I'm from Argentina (where I speak Spanish, so sorry for the gramatic errors) and I'm 13 years old. I start animating 2 years ago, and in that time I made 3 animations (really, I'm making an animation right now). Recently I started in the game dev world with 1 game made: "And beyond...", but its made with HTML5. Ok, something more... No.